Saturday, May 12, 2012

Personal Rapid Transit System in the Silicon Valley

Google is developing a master plan for its Mountain View, California campus to accommodate 12,000 additional employees over the next twenty years. Mountain View is also developing a plan to manage Google’s growth, by improving mass transit systems and reducing congestion in the area. One solution being looked at is a high-tech option called personal rapid transit (PRT) which is an elevated rail transit system made up of driverless vehicles. The vehicle can hold up to four passengers and can go directly to the destination without stopping along the way. The computerized system will prevent vehicles from colliding with one another and offer a quiet ride to the passengers. The impact on the environment will be minimal. Similar system has been deployed at London’s Heathrow Airport. NASA also has a PRT system known as NASA SkyTran.

Here is a video showing the PRT at London’s Heathrow Airport:

Reference: Fulton, William, Silicon Valley Considers Personal Rapid Transit System, Governing Magazine, May 2012
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